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Export Test Scores into Grade Book Programs


Export data file:

The Test Wizard program will also create a simple file with only the student ID number and the student score on each line. The data file format often enables a grade book program to import the test results electronically. This score import feature is a great time saver for the instructor, and ZIP-scan Inc. is working to be compatible with as many grade book programs as possible.


Time saver:

It is almost magical to witness the test scores appear in your grade book program by simply pushing a button on the PC. You have to see it to understand how easy it can be to import test scores directly into your grade book program if it has an import option.


Two output formats are currently available (more to be added as needed):


    Tab Format (default)

Tab Format is compatible with . . .

. . . and others, since this format is very common.



    Fixed Spacing Format

Fixed Spacing Format lists the ID number and in space #9 the score is listed. This is the default setting for . . .