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Duplicate / print your own test sheets:

Major cost saving feature of the ZIP-scan system that will benefit you for many years. The answer sheets of students appearing for the Pearson Test can be evaluated in a much easy way. Master templates are provided which enable you to copy or Print Test Sheet.


"ID Number" for each student:

At the top of the test sheet is space for the student to enter their ID number. Two lines are used for each digit to enable the student to accurately mark the digits of their ID number. We provide at no charge with the ZIP-scan shipment a test sheet master for 4 digits up to 9 digits per your requirements. Test sheets with more than 6 digits have two questions less than 50 for each additional digit (e.g. 7 digit ID has 48 questions).


Example answer sheets:

The Evaluation Testing is very easy to implement using the program. Click on a thumbnail image below to view a larger image of our standard test sheets. You can also open a PDF file version of a sample test sheet and then print it on a laser printer using the free Adobe Reader program. (Note: Be sure that in the "Copies and Adjustment" section the "Shrink to Fit" feature is turned OFF and the "Auto-rotate and Center" option is turned ON). When a ZIP-scan is shipped. a test sheet printed on a transparency page is included to use as an overlay to confirm that the new pages are correctly positioned on the paper.


Standard 4-Digit ID                    Standard 5-Digit ID                    Standard 6-Digit



 DOWNLOAD PDF                       DOWNLOAD PDF                     DOWNLOAD PDF


Standard 7-Digit ID                    Standard 8-Digit ID                    Standard 9-Digit



 DOWNLOAD PDF                       DOWNLOAD PDF                     DOWNLOAD PDF


Uses standard paper:

Any high-quality copy machine, multi-purpose, or printing paper can be used for Printing Test Sheet. Common 20 pound will work fine, but we recommend using 24 pound paper since it will better withstand the abuse of the students. The printed pages must be cut exactly in half by using a professional paper cutter with a strong clamping mechanism (tolerance is 1/64 inch). We highly recommend using a professional printing business to assure optimum trouble-free results.


Simple calibration:

The calibration is done by simply selecting "Calibrate" in the setup menu, dropping eight blank answer sheets through the ZIP-scan , and then clicking the "Save" button. Calibration takes about 1 minute, which characterizes the paper's properties on which the test sheets are printed. Therefore, a re-calibration is usually only needed whenever a different batch of test sheets is used.