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Evaluation Testing and Payment Options


ZIP-scan, Inc. wants you to be able to test the ZIP-scan™ conveniently so that you can be confident of its performance in your application.  We guarantee your satisfaction. Please call our toll free number for pricing and availability.



For Established Organizations:


We extend “Net 30 day Payment Terms” to all established organizations that can create a Purchase Order and fax it to ZIP-scan, Inc., fax number: 1-801-327-0333.  We will ship it on your account number or we charge a $20.00 shipping fee for ground shipment in the continental USA.


You can then test the ZIP-scan for about 3 weeks before the invoice that we send at the date of shipment needs to be paid.  If it is returned for any reason, our invoice is cancelled.



For Individuals:


We simply ask for a credit card number to guarantee that the ZIP-scan™ is eventually paid for or is returned.  Your credit card is not charged during the evaluation period and does not need to be charged if an alternate payment method is established.  (Some teachers have guaranteed with their own credit card, demonstrated the ZIP-scan™ in their school, and then the school has purchased the unit using the standard purchasing process).


                                                        credit card


We want to work with you in order for you to get a ZIP-scan™ to evaluate.  Tell us about your situation and your opportunity.  Special arrangements can be made.  Do not hesitate to discuss your need for a ZIP-scan™ with us.