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Benchmark Testing Summary Report


The ZIP-scan Test Wizard Program automatically creates an Excel report with up to 100 students and up to 100 questions in the format of a detailed summary.  Each question has a standard assigned which documents the benchmark testing results per standard.  The summary report lists the actual wrong answer chosen when a question is missed by a student.  This feature provide an immediate indication of the need to clarify a concept with the students when most of the students missing the question select the same wrong answer.


Below is an illustration of the Excel screen with 14 students and first 11 questions displayed:




Note that the student ID number is read off of the student test forms and the names are imported from a text data file associated with the ID number.  Also note on the left the standards for the questions, WA = word analysis, RC = reading comprehension.  These standards can be revised by you to reflect the benchmarks that you require be used.


A complete benchmark summary report in Excel format can be immediately created automatically when the correction of all the tests is finished.  Click on the button below to download the complete Excel file for the example test with 14 students and 40 questions.


                                                        DOWNLOAD BENCHMARK EXCEL FILE

                        (Be sure to view the #2 option for Student Scores, and the other selections)


The benchmark analyzer Excel tool was developed by CTAP IV and R4SDSS and we appreciate their sharing it with ZIP-scan.

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