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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I’ve never heard of a ZIP-Scan.  Is it a new product?


A: ZIP-scan™ has been in development for over 17 years.  The original portable bubble-sheet grader concept was originated in the late 1980’s by an educator who thought that he spent way too much time grading quizzes and tests.  With the advent and proliferation of the personal computer, he envisioned a small grading system on every teacher’s desk.  Development started in the early ‘90’s and as technology evolved through the years, so did the conceptual design of the ZIP-scan™.  Early prototype units have been used for nearly 12 years!


Q: Do I have to buy a grade book program to use ZIP-scan?


A: No! Although we are working to integrate ZIP-scan™’s data output to import into a number of 3rd party grade book programs, ZIP-scan™ does a complete analysis of the test results of each test and is ready to use as is.  You can input the raw data into Microsoft Excel and utilize that program’s expanded functionality of charts and graphs to customize analysis of the test results.  The raw data can be analyzed by any program that will accept delimited data.


Q:   My school has limited resources and our technology budgets would not allow for all the teachers in our school to have a ZIP-scan.  Is there a way we can share it?


A:   Most definitely, Yes!  One of the best features (and sometimes most often overlooked) is the ZIP-scan™’s ability to be portable from computer to computer. One scenario we often see is a school purchasing one or two units and placing them at a convenient location, such as the office or library. This allows a teacher to check out a ZIP-scan™ for a few minutes to correct their tests.  We are seeing more and more schools purchase a ZIP-scan™ for their teachers to share.  And, the school will get additional ZIP-scan™s as their budgets allow.


Q:   I noticed that the answer sheet forms can be copied.  This is a much different situation than we currently have with our present scanners.  Are we violating any copyright laws?


A:   No. We allow the end user to reproduce the answer sheets for a number of reasons: As teacher accountability has increased over the years, which necessitated the need to test more frequently, it made no sense that the cost of the answer sheets would limit the number of the tests given. We realized that the forms could be reproduced far more inexpensively by using the school’s printing facilities, an offset printing contractor, or by using the services of some national chains, like Kinko’s or Alphagraphics.  Schools and school districts often have contracts with offset printing companies, and they can take advantage of substantial volume discounts when printing forms for their entire school or district.  Also the ability to photocopy the answer sheets is an option.


Q:   Is you machine durable?


A:   Yes, the ZIP-scan™ unit is very durable. The base is cast aluminum, which gives the unit a steady, stable feel when the unit is open for use. The top assembly is molded ABS impact-resistant plastic. Both top and base are painted with a scratch-resistant polyurethane paint. But most important for longevity of the product is the fact that there are no electric motors or rubber feed rollers to wear out or go out of alignment. And, the electronics are extremely low power and generate no heat to cause a problem.

Q:   What is the warranty?


A:   The standard warranty on the ZIP-scan™ unit is three years return to depot.  Return it to Salt Lake City and we will repair or replace it immediately and return ship it prepaid back to you


Q:   How do I get service?


A:   You can call the toll free number 1-888-ZIP-SCAN

Q:   How often is service required?


A:   Service should almost never be needed. There are no moving parts.  The paper is all that is moving as gravity pulls it through the scanning electronics in the top cover of the ZIP-scan™ unit.


Q:   Do I need to purchase a service agreement?


A:   There is no service agreement available or needed.


Q:   If I try the machine and do not like it, can I get a full refund?


A:   Yes. We want you to be fully satisfied with the ZIP-scan™


Q:   Is the software compatible with Windows 95 and XP?


A:   Yes, the Test and Survey Wizard Software is compatible with Windows 95 through the current release of XP.


Q:   Can your software tell me how many students missed a certain question?


A:   Yes, the Test Wizard's summary section allows you to see each question's response as to how many marked it correctly or incorrectly. Examples of this can be viewed on the Test Wizard Software web page.


Q:   How expensive is the master answer sheet?


A:   We include two copies of the master answer sheet with the shipment of the unit so that you have a backup spare. But we also include a CD ROM containing a .PDF file that can be printed using the free Adobe Acrobat software on any inkjet or laser printer to make additional master answer sheets if you ever need more masters.