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  • Correct Test Sheets while you watch a movie!

  • Do you spend hours at home correcting tests?

  • What is having more free time worth to you?

  • Do you have colleagues who also want more free time?

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ZIP-scan Standard  Features and Benefits


BIG TIME SAVER:The Test Scanner enables tests to be corrected and survey data to be collected in only minutes. Test results can be electronically imported into a grade book program which eliminates the need to hand-enter scores by using the Grade Machine.


COMPATIBILITY:This Grading Software works with any Windows®-based PC with an available serial or USB port. These data ports also provide the power for the ZIP-scan™.


SOFTWARE INCLUDED: Either the Test Wizard™ or the Survey Wizard™ program is provided and can be loaded on a number of PC's in order to easily share the ZIP-scan™. Results of each test or survey program are stored automatically on the PC. Test results include a full analysis of how the students performed, and survey data is collected in a comma-delimited format for easy analysis.


LOW USAGE COST: Bubble Answer Sheets are 4.25" x 11" (letter-size half sheet for domestic markets) and can be reproduced using most printing services, or can even be duplicated on a standard copy machine (2 answer sheets per page) using the master templates that are provided. Under Bubble Testing, each question (up to 50 per sheet) can have up to 6 responses marked with a #2 soft lead pencil.


PORTABLE: Small (14" x 5" x 7.5"), lightweight (5 pounds), with carrying handle. Top opens up to provide vertical slot for dropping the answer sheets through. Multiple instructors can share one ZIP-scan™.



FULL THREE YEAR WARRANTY: The ZIP-scan™  is extremely durable and the warranty is three years return to depot. Return it to Salt Lake City, Utah and we will repair or replace it immediately and return ship it prepaid back to you.





ZIP-scan also offers paper based survey solutions!



Installation instructions included. Be sure to read after download.